two year appointment

Well, I was a bad mom and didn't get Connor in for his two year for almost a month after his birthday. And then I forgot all the papers at his appointment so I can't really tell you his official stats, I'm just trying to remember.

He refused to stand on the 'big boy scale' and ran down the hallway by the doctors' offices, in only a diaper. Then refused to have his height measured on the 'big boy' height thingy. So, we had to resort to the infant measuring table, which also didn't go well. Wow, and why do I think he's such a good boy?

I 'think' he was 34" high and 29.5 lbs. Put him somewhere in the 39th percentile for height and the 60th something for weight. Everything else was good, developmentally, etc. Right on track. He of course had to show the doctor his dozer, skidloader and backhoe and their coordinating trailers (I think a fruit snack wrapper was used for one of the trailers...so creative, ha).

And, no shots! Whoo hoo. Oh, and there is a little thing on babycenter that predicts your child's future height once they're two. He's destined to be 5' 10". I'm good with that, ha. Thanks, babycenter.

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