holiday weekend recap

I've decided every weekend should be three days.
This weekend has been a blast.

Friday I got home from a work retreat late afternoon. Bryan went to a Twins game with Aaron, Craig and Trav so Connor and I hung out at home. I missed him! (had been gone since Tuesday morning on the retreat) He's becoming such an independent little boy. I kind of dozed in and out of sleep on the couch for about an hour or so, and he just played in the living room with his trucks. I was very thankful :)

Saturday morning Bryan worked then Connor and I went to go pick him up and head to my parent's house to be at the lake. It was a WONDERFUL day to be at the lake! Sunny and hot! We took two boat rides, Connor sat on Grandpa's lap and helped him drive. By the end he was working the throttle and steering all by himself. Thankfully no one was thrown overboard :) Then Saturday night we headed to our friend's house in Nicollet to hang out with them, my brother's family and another family. Kids had a blast and it was a beautiful night to sit out by the fire.

Sunday we went to church (well, Bryan went to church, Connor and I spent our time out in the entry way being VERY VERY VERY naughty...okay to give him credit, he was VERY tired), then later in the afternoon headed to the Twins game. We had a fantastic time, thank you to G & G Bode! It was to celebrate Aaron's golden birthday so 10 of us made it to the game. Super fun and Connor was such a good boy, sat on our laps the entire time!

Today so far we played with Madelyn and Ava for a few hours then went to the park to see the animals with cousin Ashlyn. Connor just went down for a nap at 1:30, hopefully it's a long one!

The weekend's not officially over yet, but it's been great! Next week I'm in Chicago all week for a conference then I'm done traveling for work until late August/September ish. Three weddings this summer, a trip to the Dells and more...summer is going to go so fast!

So, happy Memorial Day everyone! (pictures of all above mentioned events coming soon, I know you were bored, ha)

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