flat tire


Friday night Bryan's parents awesomely took both boys so that Bryan and I could go on a little date night. I REALLY wanted to see Something Borrowed (yes, I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic comedies...however I was a little disappointed, won't lie). We got right into the restaurant before the movie (being a party of 2 on Mother's Day and MSU graduation weekend was key) and had time to spare so we of course had to go check out Bryan's job sites (our date nights are SO romantic).

Warning: Don't drive normal vehicles on job sites.

I will say, it was a great learning experience. I've never changed a tire, so I'm glad Bryan was there to do it and I could watch :) And even with the unforeseen delay...we still made it to the movie on time.


Luke said...

Did you go to the mall? I remember seeing a vehicle like yours driving around with a 'donut' on the front and thought it looked pretty funny. Hope the tire was a simple patch job and you didn't need a new one.

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

That was us! Too funny. Tire was thankfully fixable :)