Scotland Reunion: 6.75 Years

It only took us 6.75 years to get together, and unfortunately it still wasn't 'complete' (we were missing Brittany), but it was SO fun having dinner with these ladies last night and reminiscing. We laughed. A lot. We cried (because we were laughing so hard). And we got all caught up on each others' lives. We're all married and between all of us have six kids. Hopefully it won't be another 7 years before we get together again, but we know that even if it is, we'll still have a great time catching up and remembering the crazy things we did that we would NEVER want our own children doing, ha.

The 'la la' girls of room 103. Wisconsin in Scotland, Fall 2004.
From left: Anne, Marissa, Megs, Lindsey and myself.


Anne said...

Reading through our quote board was priceless! Oh the things we said...and did!

Erin Barrett said...

I'm shocked that it's been almost 7 years since you ladies were in Scotland...scary!!!!