Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend, from fishing at the lake, Connor and Ashlyn's first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Loula's (my parents' idea!), Twins game celebrating Uncle Aaron's birthday and a trip to the park. Even though I'm on maternity leave, holiday weekends are still great :)

My little man is growing up so fast.

This might be the only time they actually were watching the bobber.

I'd love to say the joy on Connor's face is due to catching a fish, but he probably just attempted to cast, nearly taking Bryan's ear off and thinking it was hilarious.

The babes, Grayson carefully positioned so that Kaelyn doesn't roll over him.

The start of the 'sleepover'. From the sounds of it, it went really well except it took a little extra time getting everyone to bed, which I would say was expected. Thanks to my parents!

Fishing with Grandpa Tim.

pics from the rest of the weekend coming soon

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Anonymous said...

Creating lasting memories! Precious!
Love the photos.