mall of america

On Sunday we ventured up to the cities to take Connor to the Nickelodeon Universe park at Mall of America. I wasn't sure how many rides he could or would want to go on, but at least he knew all of the characters. He went swinging with the Backyardigans, flying with the Wonder Pets, on a bud adventure with Diego and more. We even saw a real live Dora...but of course he refused to pose with her :) The mall and park were deserted (it was beautiful outside) so therefore there were absolutely no lines, it was great! Connor is very excited to go back, and will quickly tell you what rides he didn't like, ha.

Grayson did great, chilled out in the stroller the whole day. I promise that I finally filed his nails instead of just trying to cut them. Hopefully we'll avoid additional injuries to his little face :(

The log ride. This would be on Connor's list of rides he doesn't need to do again...I found it hilarious. I absolutely should have purchased the pro photo of them coming down the final hill...the look of sheer fear on Connor's face was pretty priceless. I'm so cruel.

Shocker, he LOVED this one.

 Bryan and I were both shocked he wanted to go on this one. We watched the batch of kids ahead of us do it, and he still said he wanted to go. It's one of those where you lift up, then bounce yourself down, little free falls in a way. I don't think I would have even liked it...he didn't either, but he kept the tears away! We were proud that he tried it :)

Had to do the big rigs a few times.

We'll definitely be back, and once he grows about 2 more inches, there are a few other rides he'll be able to go on.

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Randi said...

Cute! Looks like it was a fun day!