baby gemma

My friend Aleta had her baby this past Sunday so Angie and I headed over there this afternoon to meet her. She is ADORABLE and so tiny! She's only 6 pounds right now, less than half of what Grayson is :) Of course we had to do a little line up, starting with giant, then normal, then the little peanut. Big congrats to Jeff and Aleta, she's beautiful!

I've been trying to make Grayson's clothes last, so if it still fits, or it's a little snug I try to get a few more wears out of it. Then when I finally cave and try something on that I thought looked 'big'...ha, I find out I was wrong, see exhibit A above. Should have busted this outfit out weeks ago. So, we're going to stop trying to reuse Connor's clothes if there is something new and cute to wear hanging in the closet :)

Ha, Grayson and Miles are trained already, they knew it was Jeff's turn to take the photo (he was positioned to my right), however it must take too much effort on my little Chunga's part to move his head.

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Erin Barrett said...

all three are so darn cute! The boys look huge next to that little peanut, ha ha.