little green dinosaur

Starting this past Saturday at my mom's, Connor has been talking about a little green dinosaur that was in our house that 'got' him, and at the same time it was raining, in our house.

Sunday: I met my mom and picked Connor up from his sleepover at their house with Ashlyn (post coming soon) and he fell asleep in the car (actually he was asleep when I picked him up and we successfully transferred him to my car, in his car seat, as one unit, to my car without him even flinching). So I let him sleep in the car (car off, doors open obviously). When he woke up, and I'd say he was 15% awake, he asks me, "Did Grandma tell you about the little green dinosaur in our house?" That might have been all I got until later that night before bed he brought it up again, asking if we let the dinosaur in our house, we reassured him no, we don't let dinosaurs in our house to which he replied, "yeah mom, it was in our house, and it was raining." I wish I had him on tape, because he's like 100% serious when talking about this dinosaur.

Monday: We're getting ready in the morning and he told me again about this dinosaur that was in our house, and that it was raining. I asked him if we got wet, he said no, I asked if we had umbrellas, he said no. Um, okay. I called my mom that night and she said he had talked about it a ton at her house, too. Mom thought we were using it as a threat or something (we're not THAT mean) and was just as confused as I was.

Tuesday: We're walking into the living room and he stops in the kitchen and goes, "See mom, the floor is green!" I am like, um, what? "The floor is green, from the dinosaur." Again, 100% serious. On our way out to the car he stops, "See, there are his tracks!" Is this normal?!

Wednesday: Again, getting ready in the morning, tells me about the dinosaur in our house. However this time he tells me that he hid from the dinosaur so he couldn't get him. I asked if the dinosaur was a mean one, and he said, "No, but he's not my friend.". On the way to school he asked where the dinosaur lived and I replied with really far away, etc., to which he asked which house he lives in. I told him he lives in Africa which is REALLY REALLY far away.

Trust me, no matter how much we reassure him that we don't let dinosaurs into our house, he just is so serious. He doesn't act scared or anything, just like he can't believe we haven't seen the dinosaur ourselves and haven't noticed that it rained in our house........

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Erin Barrett said...

Imaginary friend, yes!!