it's official...the nuk is dead.

I've been waiting to post this, in fear of jinxing us, but I think it's been well over a week now with no nuk. We went to the dentist early last week (or maybe two weeks ago?) and his bite is a little out on control, all due to the nuk. So hopefully, everything will shift back in place before his permanent teeth come in, which the doctor was pretty positive it would, but just stressed we needed to ditch the thing soon. So, we talked about a nuk fairy coming, but a few days after the appointment, he had had a bad day in terms of #2 accidents so I told him I had to take it away. He sadly looked at me and just said, "okay, mom." I was of course shocked, expecting a massive meltdown. He DOES ask for it now and again, saying if he poops on the toilet can he have his nuk back, which, I wrongly tell him yes, he can have it back if he doesn't have ANY accidents. Sadly, this just doesn't happen, so I knew it was safe to tell him that. Obviously we're desperate to get to a day with no accidents, but, it was good to get rid of the nuk.

Obviously we've cut his hair since this photo :)

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Erin Barrett said...

Cute! Love that picture of him...goodbye nook!