Sunday Funday

We had a great Father's Day this past Sunday, hopefully Bryan thinks the same :) Started out with Bryan and Aaron taking their Dad and friend, Fred, golfing. Connor joined them for the last 8 holes. Then lunch with the Bodes and Froehlichs at Aaron's. The boys and I left Bryan there as he was napping (probably his favorite Father's Day present of the day :)) and when he came home we swam in the pool a little bit, ate supper, drove around (kind of our family thing) and stopped at Spring Lake Park.

Grayson chilling 'in' the pool. He liked it, I just wish this chair would have been lower so he could have actually sat in the water. I got tired of holding him up :)

I just liked his expression here. He was watching Connor throw buckets of water onto the patio.

 my boys

Grayson probably sat in here for over 20 minutes, he loved it, and loved the wind :)

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