Heffernan Family Reunion

 This past Saturday we had the Heffernan (my Dad's Mom's side) Family Reunion at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. Although it was a little overcast, and it rained at one point (poured), it was a nice day (I hate being hot :)). We brought two ATV's to transport people and their coolers to the park's pavilion as it sat on a big hill, so you can imagine the fun Connor had. There was a photographer there taking photos as well and we attempted some family photos, but it was muggy, the kids were sweaty and there wasn't a mirror in the place...so who knows how those will turn out :)

I think equipment follows this kid around. Of course there was a packer right outside of the pavilion. (Connor even knows it was a smooth drum packer)

Kaelyn being all serious.

 Playing in the puddles from the rain.

The only bummer of the day was as we were getting ready to leave, someone noticed that 4-5 cars (from people at our reunion) that parked on the street had been broken into. Windows smashed in, ipads stolen, etc. Crappy way to end a family reunion, that's for sure. Our three cars from our family were parked immediately across the street from the cars that had been broken into, very thankful we lucked out.

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