grayson's baptism

Last night we had Grayson baptized at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato. The service went great, no blow outs or screaming :) Well other than Connor being a terror.

Connor was back and forth from being up by us, back to our seats, back to us. 
And I desperately need to get the kid some dress shoes.

Pastor Andy introducing Grayson and a little girl who was also baptized to the church. She hated it, Grayson just stared at Andy. The pastor in the background is Pastor Dan. We weren't expecting him to be there (he's retired) and even though he didn't baptize Grayson it was nice to have him there. He married us and baptized Connor.

Ashlyn and Connor sitting for the children's message.

Clearly we need to work on their listening skills. Connor was showing Ashlyn his latest battle wound from daycare, even pulled up his pant leg past his knee to show her.

Grayson's sponsor/Godparent, Krystal. Jeff (Bryan's older brother) is also a sponsor, but lives in California.

Yummy cupcake cake. Picked it up on our way to church only to have it read 'Grayson Thomas'. Thankfully there was a cake decorator still there to quickly fix it :)

Thank you to both of our families for a great evening! 
We appreciate you all coming to celebrate the event :)

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SHarstad said...

Love your outfit. Adelyn's baptism cake had the wrong month on it and we had a designer do a last minute fix as well.