Grayson: Two Month Stats

We had Grayson's two month checkup today. It went great, other than we need to work on him turning to his left, more. He definitely prefers looking to the right and has developed a tiny bit of a flat head on that side. Vickie (Nurse Practitioner) isn't too concerned yet, just prescribed some dedicated tummy time and helping him look that way (ie, push his head in that direction :)). We'll work on it and she'll revisit at his four month check.

Everything else looked good, and to no surprise, we have a little chunker on our hands.

Weight: 14 lbs, 10 oz, 99%
Length: 23 3/4", 80%
Head: 16 1/4", 81%

Connor was exactly one pound lighter (90%) and 3/4" shorter (50%) with the same size head. The percentiles must have adjusted so I'm not sure it's entirely apples to apples, as Connor's head was only 75% vs 81% for Grayson. Connor was two days older at his appointment, but can't imagine it makes that much of a difference.

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