ahh, life.

I have posts coming that will be more interesting than this, but thought I'd at least sum up our lives the last few weeks.

Connor: Still having 1-3 accidents a day or so. We are beyond stumped if he actually has a medical/physical issue, or if he's just difficult to potty train. There are moments while I'm changing him that he'll be like 'oh, more is coming out!' and he'll run to the toilet and sometimes get more out, other times not, stating that he doesn't need to go anymore or that 'it's sleeping'. Whatever. It's so frustrating for all of us. We still continue to pump him with laxatives (miralax and actual exlax) and we will be repeating the botox procedure in the next few weeks, based on the initial success we saw last time that maybe just didn't last as long as it was supposed to. Aside from that, still makes us laugh every day and continues to amaze us. However don't bother getting a response to a question unless the question has something to do with equipment, what job sites are currently active for Bryan, etc.

Grayson: Just unofficially weighed him today and he's roughly 18 pounds. Yes, 18 pounds. Just looked back on Connor's stats at four months, 16.8 pounds, and we thought HE was a chunker. His official four month appointment is on the 26th, a few weeks late, oops. Still a pretty content little (ok, not so little) guy. Likes laying on the floor, he likes to get over on his side, but no rolling in the near future I don't think. Talking up a storm and drooling by the gallon. Crappy sleeper. Anywhere from 3-6 hours. Driving me a little crazy, Connor was such an awesome sleeper at this age, but oh well. I've been trying the 'nuk' diet in the middle of the night, but he sees right through that and demands the milk.

Bryan: Busy, lots of work going on which we're definitely thankful for. The best part is that nearly all of his jobs are in Mankato this year, so he's home much earlier than last year thankfully.

Me: Nothing really new. Attempting to get out and run here and there, debating the Mankato half marathon. Getting incredibly sick of pumping, but I'll keep at it for another few months. The end of September would be about the same time as with Connor so that's the goal.

We were supposed to be on vacation this week in the Dells, but as you may have heard my mom was hit by a car while on her morning run last Friday. AMAZINGLY, she 'only' has a broken shoulder, barely any cuts or bruises other than her arm. We are so lucky and thankful that it wasn't any more serious than that! I took her to her checkup today and they still aren't thinking it will require surgery, but just to let it 'hang' and let gravity do the healing. Pretty amazing.

4th of July weekend pics coming soon.

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Erin Barrett said...

Oh my God Loula! I'm so glad Ruth is doing well! Send her my love.

The boys are growing so much. Isn't summer crazy, where is the time going?