happy 4th!

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and hope you did too! Connor kicked it off with a wildly successful parade at his school then we picked him up early to head up to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Al's cabin on Horseshoe Lake in Wisconsin. It was beyond relaxing and the three gourmet meals a day was amazing (note to self, don't step on the scale this week, however I did manage three runs while there to combat it a little). More pictures to come of the weekend!

 This is Connor's 3rd year in the parade. Year one, he had eyes full of sun screen so he wasn't very happy, year two, he saw me and immediately wanted me to hold him, take him home, etc., getting him back into a teacher's hands was difficult but this year, success! He smiled and even waved his flag at me :) (it was too hot for the babies to come, so Grayson missed out on the fun)

Hope you and your families had a safe and fun weekend! Here's to a short week, Ashlyn's birthday party Friday night and heading to the Dells on Sunday! July is BUSY but oh so FUN :)

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