Halloween Party

We had Connor and Grayson's Halloween Party at school tonight. Connor typically is VERY anti-costume. Hates wearing anything that we try and force upon him. So this year, I tried to plan it safe. I found a little brown onesie with the white stitching to be a football for Grayson and figured I could just throw a jersey on Connor and call it good. While shopping yesterday I found a little set that included pants, shirt and helmet. Thought, why not give it a try. Connor LOVED it. Barely took it off last night. I also had picked up a pair of spikes at a garage sale last year and although they were far too big, he thought it was great. I was pretty pumped :)

Anxiously awaiting the party.

 And for the record, I am fully aware the Vikings are horrible. But, it felt a little wrong buying some other team.

My little football :)

fascinated with Connor's helmet

 the only pic of the two of them. 
hopefully we get a better one Monday night before or after trick or treating

and the BEST part of the night, Connor's best buddy Mason was also a football player so we had to get a picture!


Little For A Little While said...

Ahhh! Ok, so now I HAVE to comment, as I just saw you have a link to my blog on yours! I've been reading your blog for years but have been too ashamed to admit it!!! I absolutley love the boys' costumes. I need to step it up next year and coordinate my kids, how cute! Anyhow, now that I sorta came out of the shadows, does that make me any less of a blog stalker? Ha!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the costumes of the boys!

L, G/G B

Rachel said...

CUTE! I miss the little guys. I will probably have to come down again soon for some Bode time :)

Erin Barrett said...

Cute cute cute...love that Grayson is dressed as a football! ha.

Leah said...

Super cute! Love that he loved it as well.

Mel said...

Oh Christy, I love their costumes, so cute! LOVE that Connor is a Vikings player and Grayson is the football.

Such a cute little Viking and football! :)