trip to the dentist

Connor and I made an unexpected trip to the dentist last Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully there had been a cancellation so we were able to get in right away. Now, to back up for the full story.

About a month ago, Connor fell off of our bed and on the way down, smacked his face on the nightstand. To clarify, he wasn't sleeping and fell out, I think it was one of those moments that he was cranky and didn't want to get out of bed or didn't want to stop watching the ipad, something to that effect. Obviously falling didn't help the mood any.

So, lots of blood, lots of tears. I didn't think that his teeth were loose but he really wasn't happy with me digging around in his mouth so I can't really be honest with you whether they were loose or not. He did complain for a day or so about his mouth being sore, but after that, seemed back to normal.

Fast forward to last Tuesday night as he's brushing his teeth I catch a glimpse of one of his front teeth...and it's not white. More of a tan-ish/gray. Enter instant mom guilt and I began furiously brushing his teeth (as if that would help, ha).

So, we make the trek to the dentist. They do a good job of making me feel better that even if I had brought him in right after the fall, it wouldn't have helped any. They confirmed that indeed both of his two front teeth are turning gray, and most likely, will stay gray and probably even get darker. This is due to damage to the nerve during the fall. There is a chance the nerves MIGHT heal on their own, but we're not counting on it. They also said they could get darker and then lighten back up a little, but again, who knows. I am happy that the teeth aren't going to fall out and have him be toothless for 4 years until his permanent teeth come in.

Guess I should just be thankful we all come with two sets of teeth :)


Erin C said...

The one front tooth that Cole has left turned grey a few months ago after he knocked it... And now it's back to white! I'll think nice white thoughts for connor's! :) those boys!

Bradley Bedell said...

It's no fun for parents when their kids get in accidents like that. Well, it's good to know that the dentist checked it and found nothing too serious. Like you said, it's lucky that people have two sets of teeth.