weekend recap

Connor is pretty lucky that Grayson still doesn't move, because pretty soon (well, I shouldn't assume with 'pretty soon' more like 'eventually') Grayson will be able to move and defend himself. Although, activities like the below don't seem to bother him too much :)

We are having a nice weekend. Friday night we went up to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Al's house in Stillwater for the evening, family photos with the amazing Gina Ziedler (I'm sure she will once more manage to make us look good and make it appear that the boys were cooperating...and if for some reason we don't look good, or it's obvious the boys weren't cooperating, well, that would be the truth then and not Gina's fault :)) yesterday afternoon, thanks to Rachel for swinging by our photo session with oodles of bribery for Connor and now onto a fairly lazy Sunday (which involves stacking tons of toys on and around Grayson apparently) of church, watching football, naps and playing with my new camera :)