617 is the number of bags of milk for Grayson I have stored in our freezer, and that's as high as it will get. I have about 3 days or so before I'm officially done pumping, but am not producing enough to freeze any extra. I think I've spared you enough details the past six months, so one post about this won't kill you :)

Other fun facts (ha):

-I will quit about 2 days short of the exact amount of time I spent pumping for Connor.
-I believe I ended up with 444 bags for Connor when I was done.
-There are 6 ounces in each bag, so that's nearly 29 gallons of milk. Sorry. No idea what prompted me to do this math and comparison.
-This will not last Grayson a year, but it will get him close.
-I again recorded every pump session, the time of day, how many minutes spent pumping and the ounces I got. This started way back with Connor when we were at Children's and for whatever reason, I never stopped and then recorded every session for Grayson, too.
-In case you don't know me really well, I have never nursed either of my children, I just pump.
-There is not one minute that I don't despise pumping, but, it's good for the baby, good for me, and saves money.
-I am SO ready to have my kitchen counter back and about 2.5 hours of my life back each day (between pumping and washing, etc.)
-We also are in desperate need of freezer space, but that'll be a few months yet.

Again, I realize many of you really could care less (okay, all of you), but hey, this is my journal, right?

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Erin C said...

Way to go! That's awesome :)