2011 Bocce

Every year our friends Matt and Lora host a bocce ball tournament. This is the third year that Bryan and I have made it (it was their 10th annual this year) and I'm proud to say I was champ in 2007, however haven't made it near the leader board ever since. Bryan always shows up a bit late because he's on his way back from his golf weekend, and somehow this year even though he missed the first round completely, he got 4th place.

 Bryan and Ang

 Me and my partner, I know, he looks thrilled. However, he was doing something inappropriate with his bocce balls, hence his facial expression, however whoever snapped the picture smartly forgot to get that part into the frame.

 Bryan's flight.

 and again

Ang and I

Thanks to Matt and Lora for yet another fabulous time! If you're at all interested (ie if you were there), here's a link to the rest of the photos from the day.

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