Today marked Connor's first day in the second pre-school room at his daycare, the Snuffy room (you know, Snuffleupagus, yes, I had to google how to spell it). For the most part it goes by age, you're a Cookie when you're 3, Snuffy when you're 4 and a Big Bird when you're 5 until you go to Kindergarten. He's not 4 yet, so that probably meant there was a big group of kids that needed to be moved to make room for younger kids in another room (definitely a domino effect), so a Snuffy he is :) Thankfully, I think we're over transition issues between rooms because the three pre-school rooms interact together quite a bit, and they're all right next to each other so there was no change in drop off, etc. Whew. Room transitions pretty much suck for this guy. Won't be long before Grayson moves to Infant II (Tigger), but that transition is easy, since he still has no idea what's going on and as long as they feed him he's a happy camper :)

his new favorite place to play, and clearly I need to clean my windows

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