scrapfest firsts

This weekend marks the 5th year Sarah, my friend from college, and I have gotten together for Scrapfest. Scrapfest is an annual event put on by Archivers. They have classes and vendors set up at the Mall of America. So for the past 5 years, we've gotten a hotel  near the mall, attended some classes and scrapped away at our hotel in the evenings. This year, we've spent our weekend a little differently :)

-We ran the Dave Ryan Special Olympics 5K. Sarah put together a team for her work and so I did it along with them. I actually had hoped to do the 10k as part of my training for the Mankato half marathon. You know, that race I said I was going to do but never registered and the training plan is still laying on my printer tray (but at least I printed it).
-We went to bed before midnight one of the nights. It's typically one of the downfalls of our weekend, we stay up too late and get potentially less sleep than at home with our children. Worth it, but still, it was great to actually get some sleep :)
-We even took a 2.5 hour nap. It was awesome.
-We never made it to the Mall of America. The funny thing is, each year we register online for classes and every year, it's a little stressful. Sarah and I are on the phone the night before and the morning of registration opener, planning our classes, trying to make sure we get into the same ones, etc. (trust me, I realize I'm painting quite a dorky picture for you all) I sent her a text one day telling her we had missed registration, neither of us were too disappointed. We decided to just camp in our hotel and focus on getting caught up on our books. Or closer to caught up.
-We paid more than $40 per night for the hotel. In years past, I've always scored a hotel for less than $40 on priceline.com and I think for 3-star hotels, too. I finally got one for $41/night and had to downgrade to a 2.5 star, but the Best Western here in Oakdale is treating us just fine. Always a little nervous as you have no idea where priceline will put you, but knock on wood, it's always worked out.
-This isn't technically a first, but neither of us were pregnant. Three of our five years one of us has been and so for the first time we even took a relaxing dip in the hotel's hot tub, right after the 5k. It was wonderful.
-We have a picture of ourselves from the weekend, I am pretty sure this is a first, sadly enough.

That's all I can think of for now. We'll try and get a few more pages done in the morning then we'll pack up all of our crap and be on our way!

Sarah and I before the race. 


Erin Barrett said...

I was at MOA on Saturday and it was hell! I wondered if I'd run into you and Sarah, but low and behold...you were not there.

Staloch Family said...

I was there too with the kids showing them off to the old Archiver's co-workers! There were crazy lines, I wouldn't stand in line that long!