art project

Every so often we get some homework for Connor. Most of the time, I try really hard to make sure we do it (okay, I think there have been some times I've forgotten a hat for him on hat day or something, that doesn't really count, does it?). My favorite are the 'all about you' projects where you get to put anything and everything that the child likes on the page. So, I enlisted Bryan this time around and the logical place to start for Connor is the equipment magazine. So, they went page by page and if they saw a piece of equipment that Bryan has, they cut it out and glued it on. I at least advised to put a picture of him and a picture of Grayson, but the only place there was room was on the back. I had to hold back the scrapbooker in me that really, really wanted to come out and adjust the layout...ha, but I think it turned out better this way anyways :)

No idea where Bryan found the glue, and you can kind of see what Connor's page looks like, right beneath Bryan's hand. I would love to see him tell his teachers and friends what every piece is, and probably the model.


Erin Barrett said...

What a cute picture...I love how Grayson is on the sidelines watching. I too will have a problem not "re-adjusting" my kids artwork...ha ha! I'm pretty sure my parents did my science projects both years I was in the science fair ;).

Rachel said...

I love this picture. Connor is so good at remembering all that stuff - even the job sites they are at. TOO cute :)