Grayson: Six Months

My baby is six months today. I will again go with the cliche, it's going too fast :( I seriously LOVE babies. It's my favorite stage, always has been. I don't remember missing Connor during the day as much as I miss Grayson, no offense, Connor. Maybe there is a small part of me that knows this could be my last baby and that's why I can't get to daycare fast enough to pick up all of his chunkiness. He's such a good baby (insert loud knock on wood) and I just cherish my time spent cuddling with him, even if that means the laundry gets a little behind :) So, here comes the standard list of what he's up to, but thought I'd try and add a few more photos to the mix. 

- still eats like a champ. School gives him oatmeal + juice and then a half of veggie a day, at home, if it works out (sometimes timing is just hard, if he's too hungry, he wants a bottle) he'll get another 1/2-1 veggie and then of course, lots of milk. Still 6 bottles a day, 4-5 ounces each. I think Connor was down to 5 bottles by this time so I feel like I should work on that, kid could stand to take in a few less calories :) Oh, and green beans have been the favorite, peas he hated and last night he chowed down an entire squash for the first time. Bring on the orange nose. I think that will coordinate just fine with our family photos this year.

- sleeps. well. Love it. He goes down between 830 and 930, and probably every other night gives us an entire night, getting up around 5 or 530 to eat, which conveniently works out with Bryan's sleep schedule and nearly every morning, Bryan feeds him. The other nights, he gets up around 3 for whatever reason, eats and goes right back to sleep until about 7 when I typically wake him up. Good thing is he doesn't seem to need a bottle those mornings so I don't have to feed him again before taking him to school.  Comparing to Connor, I actually think Connor slept a lot longer? I should see if I blogged about it at some point, but I vaguely remember I had to wake Connor up every day to get him ready for school, but he was also WAY more addicted to his nuk and I believe it was around the 6-7 month stage where we had to do the cry it out method, as we were going in 3+ times a night to put his nuk back in. But, it's all a blur.

- the above outfit is 18 months. Before you judge on how tight it appears, it IS the thermal kind where they're supposed to be tight. (smile and nod) 

- official stats from his appointment this morning:

Weight: 20 pounds, 9 ounces - 92nd percentile
Length: 26.5 inches - 55th percentile
Head Circumference: 17 3/4 inches - 85th percentile
(sorry, can't find Connor's stats so there will be no comparisons this time)

Appointment went well. She suggested introducing more solids as he should be starting to drink less milk, we're thinking he has eczema so I need to be better about applying lotion, not too concerned about his stools but going to introduce fruits to see if that helps keep things moving, and everything else was all good. She's not concerned he's not very mobile, or at all mobile, thinking it's more that he doesn't have the desire to move, rather than it being a physical issue (unless you count that his tummy is so giant it's hard to roll it over :)) So, all is good!

Until next month :)


Randi said...

He is so cute Christy!

Erin Barrett said...

I love the little chubber!

Rachel said...

Awesome that he's sitting now - so quickly how they change! Can't wait to see you this weekend :)