Labor Day Tradition

Every year over Labor Day weekend, Bryan and his brother, Aaron, and friends Trav and Craig go up north to golf. Bryan, who is getting more tech savvy every day, just emailed me this picture from his phone so thought I'd share :) I'm not too jealous that he gets to be away every year because conveniently Scrapfest always comes a few weekends after, so I'll get my own time soon enough :)

 Bryan, Aaron, Trav and Craig

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed, Bryan-your wife taught you well. Aren't you the same one that use to hate photos and now he is lining them up and have someone else take the photo. That is tooo funny! Have a great Labor Day week-end golfing.....you are golfing, aren't you-that is not a photo screen behind you boys is it????LOL