Christmas Programs 2011

Connor had two Christmas programs this year, one for his daycare and one for Sunday school. We never once were under the illusion that he'd be the kid singing, doing all the moves, loving every second of it, rather we kind of went into them thinking they'd be a success if he stood there the entire time and didn't come running or crying for us right away. He surprised us on a few things :)

I have video of both performances and at some point I'll try to put a little edited video together.

 shy, of course, but smiling.

our first mistake may have been to sit in the front row

you can see his best buds here, lucas in the back left corner and mason, right behind Connor

He's singing! He actually sang!

still happy...still singing...

the singing continues...

and then it went downhill

and he got his bell taken away

got his bell back, but definitely all hope for participation was a lost cause at this point

and the only kid to be sitting during the last song. ha.
The kids had two performances that day and from what I heard from Lucas' mom, Connor didn't sing right away but sang the rest of the program. So I might just steal her video :)

Now onto his Sunday School program. I would have broken this into two posts, but he was already wearing the same outfit, ha.

 We didn't sit in the front row this time, but he saw us on his walk in and had the BIGGEST smiles on. It was so adorable. Bryan and I were there, Uncle Aaron and then Grandma and Grandpa Bode (Grayson too, of course).

He was smiling at us the entire time. Singing? Not a word, ha, but smiling. 
What more can we ask for?

The whole group. I should have tried to stand up a bit more for this shot so it wasn't perfectly framed by this probably very sweet older couple, and I thought about cropping it, but then the clouds of white in each corner would have maybe been confusing. Ha. 

So, I will mark this as a successful first year of Christmas programs for Connor! 
I'm sure he's glad to be done with them for an entire year :)


Anonymous said...

Christy -
Loved the pix of Connor! He is all boy - just a loving that singing and performing - ha!!!!

We missed you at the shower today - and the boys as well. Had a good time but would have been better with you :-)

Lots of love, Rita

Rachel said...

HAHA - love the picture of him sitting...plus I read your blog like you are talking and it makes it even better. MISS you all!!

Leah said...

I am DYING over those pictures. Too funny!