grayson: nine months

I'm a few days late with this post and also had plans to attempt a little mini photo shoot to go with it, but didn't get to it. Maybe we'll try for month 10.

What's Grayson up to these days? He's still not crawling. Or rolling. Although, he is leaning VERY far, actually a little too far for my liking because as he's learning to reach farther and farther, this is causing him to fall over. Then, since I mentioned he can't crawl or roll, he's stuck, and requires our assistance to sit him up again. I much prefer the purely stationery little boy who didn't move. Kidding, it's fun to see him moving up in the mobility department. Slowly but surely.

However, his new view down on the ground has led to amazing discoveries such as the door stop. Fascinating. 

He doesn't sleep super awesome. Most nights, he's up around 12-1 and then again at 5. I'm getting pretty close to letting him cry it out (deja vu, I wonder how many monthly posts in a row I've said that now, ha), but just don't have the heart yet. He typically eats a few ounces and is right back to sleep.

He doesn't poop. Seriously what is it with me and my children?! He'll go 6-7 days and then will pass something bigger than what you and I are probably used to. I'm not kidding. I have a picture on my phone if you're interested. (again not kidding, plan on showing the pediatrician next time we go in).

Speaking of pediatricians, I'm a horrible mom and always forget to book well baby appointments in advance, so his official nine month stats won't come until he's about 10 months. Oops.

Prefers to eat table food over baby food, always. He still eats his cereal (that I mix with pear baby food and prune juice to try and keep things moving, which clearly isn't working) well, but hates eating veggies or the little 'meals' of baby food. But give this kid some banana bread, bites of chicken, green beans, so far, and he'll try it.

Thinks the sippy cup is hilarious. Loves to have us help him use it, but then loves to blow raspberries with a mouth full of water. Enough said.

Mostly wearing 18 month clothes.

Is my snuggler. I.Love.This. We have a favorite position while sitting in the rocker chair in the living room and he just nestles right in, regardless of his mood. Okay, if he's uber pissed it maybe doesn't work, but most of the time, I get some good quality snuggle time.

Loves daycare, or at least it seems like it when I drop him off and he's flashing his two-tooth grin and reaching for his teachers. They also love him, I think, other than the pooping issue, hard not to love a baby that doesn't move I would imagine. Although that causes issues in the self-defense department, hence the gash on his cheek from a 'friend' at school.

Unofficial weight this morning was 23.6 pounds.

Still our happy little guy that we love to pieces. Happy nine months, Grayson!

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