'tis the season

Tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving, but it was ornament-less until today.

We had a very much needed low-key weekend. I'm on a 'December De-Clutter' (not sure if I made that up or stole it from somewhere) kick. Cleaning out things and organizing, one thing at a time. This weekend was the office. Cleaned out the closet, my desk  and some of the shelves. I am seriously considering having an early spring garage sale and selling A LOT of my scrapbooking stuff (gasp!). I have so so so much and although I'm not prepared to fully give up the hobby, there are tools and techniques I no longer do or don't spend the time to do, and therefore, I should just get rid of it. It's taking up far too much space in my house.

This week will consist of volleyball, some more de-cluttering hopefully and I should really start Christmas shopping. I am trying to avoid going to the stores, just the thought of wading through the masses makes me cringe, so hopefully I can find everything online.

And since I really have nothing exciting to blog about, I'll stop here :)

Here's to a merry and bright December!


Aleta said...

Great picture of your gorgeous tree! Is it real? And if so, can I come over and smell it for a while? :)

bryan, christy, connor & grayson said...

No, it's not real, however I love that the picture makes it look that way, ha. It's horribly fake in person. I want a real tree every year, but Bryan says no.

Staloch Family said...

Love that picture of Grayson!