photo dump

Well hello, blog friends. I have had very little to blog about lately and figured I'd just share a few photos from the past few weeks. The funny thing is, I started drafting a post last week about being in a 'groove'. For a few weeks there I was rocking laundry, cooking dinner, keeping the house clean, daily. (many of you I know are already supermoms and superwives, I am not, Bryan and my kids would quickly tell you :), so this was big for me!) It felt great, really great. But, ha, the groove is no longer. Laundry is 2 loads behind and the mountain to fold and put away is now so big I just shut my eyes as I walk past the laundry room so I pretend it doesn't exist. My dishwasher loads are so full I loathe unloading it. My kitchen counters are cluttered. So. No groove post this week, ha. Maybe next week I'll find it again!

I'll try and start taking pictures or doing things with the kids that are blogworthy!

Was trying to find a pic of Connor in this great $3 garage sale snowsuit, but I couldn't find one quickly. I think there is a slight resemblance. Also for the record, I've moved him out of his car seat carrier and into a big kid car seat. He digs it, can see Connor much easier.

Loves his bath time. 

We celebrated my niece Kaelyn's 1st birthday!

G-man and Grandma Ruth

Krystal and Kaelyn at her birthday party

sunny morning bathtime

and that's all I have :)


Erin Barrett said...

Christy, I already have a hard time keeping up with housework and I don't even have kids yet! ha! At least you'll have one friend who will not be a "super mom". Love ya...and loved the Christmas card!

Krystal said...

please note my pink eye infection, I usually don't look so rough! :)