Halloween 2011

As tradition has it, Krystal and the kids and our parents come over to celebrate, hand out candy, let the kiddos play and just hang out. This year was the first year actually taking Connor and Ashlyn trick-or-treating, and I had some reservations on how Connor would do. As he tends to get a little shy, I was imagining having to go up to the door with him, have him standing behind me, refusing to say "trick-or-treat", etc., and thinking it could be a really short trip around the neighborhood. However...he definitely proved me wrong! It was such a fun night.

 my little pigskin

 First house, neighbor Dave, kids went right up on their own and officially trick-or-treated for the first time! It was pretty adorable, they're growing up too fast.
 They thought it was the best thing EVER. Running house to house yelling 'this is SOOO fun' or 'giddyup cowboy!' (no idea why the cowboy references were coming out)

The kids got pretty tired eventually, when Krystal and I offered to carry their candy buckets we were surprised at how heavy they actually were! No wonder they were beat. Krystal and I had a good time reminiscing our own trick-or-treating adventures, especially considering it was the 20 year reunion of the giant snowstorm. While we were out with the kids, my dad told Bryan that he apparently drove around Nicollet for nearly two hours looking for me and my friend that year. Hilarious (probably not at the time).

So, it was a pretty successful Halloween. The fact that I even got Connor to wear a costume I think is amazing. We had 76 kids come to our house which was a record for us. We have two new homes going up in our cul-de-sac so we'll be looking to beat that record next year. If I was a kid out there, I'd probably skip our street, too :) The only downer, I didn't get any decorations or cat eyes up. I need to figure out a new spot for the cat eyes as I didn't think Grayson would appreciate them too much in his room. There's always next year :)

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