outdoor decor

My outdoor decorating is finally complete. Thanks to the help of my mom, Bryan and scoring some good deals at a fellow Taylor company out in Colorado.

I will add that I am by no means great at decorating...but this is definitely good enough for me! (yes, that is Connor helping me on the step)

Poor quality photo, but I still thought it was cute. He didn't stay that way for long (see above)

And my favorite part of all. The cat eyes (yes, Sarah H, I still hate cats, but this cat is cool)

Experimenting with the options on my camera. Obviously none of them took a great picture, but it was worth the effort.


Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

Very awesome!! I've never seen cat eyes like that before!

Sarah said...

Looks great Christy! Very cool!

alnessler said...

Love it:) Come decorate my house next.

Ebony said...

Wonderful.... your outdoor gives the first impression of your home decoration, so it must also be maintained well.