new blog = addicted

A girl at work sent me this blog today, saying she has quickly become addicted to it last year when she stumbled upon it. Basically a city girl (LA) goes home to visit parents, midwest somewhere, goes to the local bar, meets cowboy...and get swept off of her feet and is now married with 4 kids living on a ranch. So, if you're in need of a sappy 'wish that had happened to me' kind of story (well, maybe not the living on the ranch, but the swept off of your feet part), check out her blog. Kind of need to dig into the archives to find their whole love story 'heels to trucks' or something like that. But it's what I spent my entire lunch hour doing today and will probably be back on tonight finding more. But apparently, she has other good stuff too, recipes, some photography tips, how-to's, etc. Yes, I'm fully aware this makes me even more of a blog dork.


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Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

Love that blog! I have gone on there quite a few times for some photoshop tips,etc! She is great!