"I am not a vegetarian"

Connor and I were grocery shopping the other day, and as we were in the baby food aisle, he made it clear to me that he is not a vegetarian and what were those foods that said 'ham with gravy' or 'chicken with gravy' and why wasn't he getting those,too. So. We got one of each 'flavor'. And of course, for Grandpa Ponch, we had to try the ham first. And...well...we're not so sure of this 'meat' thing. However, first let me warn you that when you open the jar, it can clear a room. Bryan and Grant were sitting at the island Tuesday night when I opened the turkey jar and Grant about puked. It REEKS. Everyone I've told this story to at work is like oh my goodness, just start chopping up real meat at home. It's possible I might. Looks gross, smells gross, and it doesn't appear that it tastes any better. Well, oik, the kid smiles when I take out the camera but you SHOULD have seen his face and gagging reaction.


Moldstad's said...

Mix half of the jar with some sort of veggie. He'll love it. It's better than buying the mixed dinners because it has more protein. I think the stuff smells like the dog food. The stuff you buy in a can. Nasty. Caleb chows it down though!

bryan, christy and connor said...

that's a good idea, too. I think I'll try that before I cook real meat (lazy, I know).

Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

Yeah, Avery has never tried these tasty treats yet because I couldn't bear to put that in her mouth! If she was a boy, Cullen probably would've made me.We just tear up ham slices, turkey slices, etc. I'm lazy too! :)