is this called crawling?

Connor has definitely been able to 'move' for the past few weeks, and has definitely been 'in position' for crawling, but tonight, it seemed to be a little more than scooting and almost crawling...maybe. He still won't come to you if you're sitting pretty far away, but throw a cell phone or a remote out there, and that's apparently worth crawling for :)

Sorry for the lack of pj's...if you've ever witnessed diaper changing/dressing time with Connor...it's at the very bottom of his least favorite things to do list.


Sarah said...

OK, that is just cruel...just when he thinks he can grab it, it gets moved! jeesh! ;)

I think that looks crawling to me. I'm not sure what it would be called otherwise...go Connor go!

Heather Hulke said...

I was just going to say what Sarah sad...how sad, poor Connor :)
Wow, that is great that he is crawling already!! Well....now it is just more chasing for you!!

Erin Barrett said...

That's crawling...must have been all the practice over the weekend..ha