one last note.

One final note for Connor's 6 month birthday. This also marks 6 months of pumping for me. And yes, believe me, there are PLENTY of women who do this much longer than me, but for those of you that know me, I assume you're just as suprised at I am that I'm still going...

But trust me, I'm ready to quit. There are a few things running thru my mind as to why I haven't yet.

1. My original goal was to make it to the end of the year. I have 2.5 months left before accomplishing that goal.
2. If I were to save up enough milk to make it til Connor turns one and can have real dairy...I'd stop. But, I have NO idea how much milk babies drink in their 9-12 month stage. So if anyone could give me an idea of how much milk they go thru a day...that would be much appreciative.
3. It's going to hurt when I stop. I know it. Not looking forward to it.
4. However, it hurts right now (sorry for any TMI, trying to spare you the real details), so not sure what's worse.
5. I sold all of the free formula I got on ebay. So I'll feel kind of bad if I have to buy some.
6. Volleyball starts up again soon, twice a week. Would just be nice not to worry about it anymore.
7. Did I mention I'm a true 'bag lady' at work? Anytime anyone sees me in the hallway or stairwell or elevator with my two bags and laptop and stack of papers, they're always like, wow, you have a lot of stuff! Then they look down and have an 'oh...' moment, and they move on.
8. Oh. Ha, I keep thinking of things. I wash bottles and parts twice a day. Down from what it used to be, but still sucks.
9. The bottles and parts make my kitchen look messy. And I like my kitchen clean, I like my countertop that I picked out and would prefer not to clutter it up. Hmm. I suppose I'd still have his drinking bottles left, but I would start just throwing them in the dishwasher then.
10. Had to think of one more to make 10. I don't think number 7 really got to the true issue, I have bags with me everywhere. If I'm going anywhere for more than 5-6 hours during the day, I have to cart my two bags with me. To work, to my parents, along for a shopping trip to the cities. Along to a wedding to go pump in the car at night.

Yeah, ready to quit.

Speaking of milk stored up. I am officially 5 bags short of 400 bags. Yes. 400, 6 oz bags (ok technically 395 but who's counting). Seems like a lot, but right now he's going thru about 4-5 bags a day, so I know they'll go pretty fast once I stop, which makes me sad, I feel like I have a neverending supply in our freezer.

So yes, I have nightmares about our freezer breaking down and not noticing it until all my milk is spoiled.

Ok, that post got a little long, sorry.
Good night and have a GREAT weekend!


alnessler said...

You're such a milking machine it would be a shame for you to quit. Can't you sell your milk on ebay or something??? Ha, wasn't it your mom who said there are women in villages who's sole job is to feed the children???

If you think I should breed children for a living, the least you can do is supply milk for children of the world.

Moldstad's said...

That's A LOT of milk!!! But it does go fast. Just a side note to the above comment. You can't sell your milk. It's illegal!!!! I looked into it. Supposedly it's a black market item...it's considered selling a body part. BUT, you can donate it to milk banks for preemie babies. Not that you would want to donate all that liquid gold anyway!

I nursed Caleb for about 7 months and was so sick of the problems I was having with infections. So I quit then. You are unbelievable for pumping that long! I lasted 3 weeks of pumping with my oldest son Christian. I think you are pretty much my hero.

My advice, don't quit cold turkey!!! I did this with both and believe me, it can get much, much more painful than it is for you now. TMI, but my boobs were SO engorged for 7 days that they were in the shape of a square!!! OUCH! And I couldn't even sleep it was so painful. I thought I was dying, seriously. So, I would slowly wean yourself.

Also, Caleb is 10 months old now. Every baby is different on what they eat, but he still eats around 36 oz. of formula a day. Plus, around 4 jars of baby food a day. He eats A LOT! He always has. I hope that helps you to estimate what you would possibly need if you quit.

If you do need to buy formula, don't feel bad. I gave away all my formula I had stored up when Caleb rejected the bottle for the first 7 months of his life. At least you made some money from selling yours. I also suggest buying off-brand formula (Target brand or Parent's choice from Wal-mart). SO So SO, much cheaper! Like if you buy the huge can you'll save $10 compared to name brands.

So there you have it. I wrote you a book. No matter what you decide to do, don't feel guilty for your choice! 6 months is a great accomplishment. Most moms don't make it that long with feeding breast milk!

P.S. Maybe someday Sarah will introduce us. ;-)

Schmidts said...

This message is from Uncle Mark. "Exhale"!

Brossards said...

This message is from Uncle Ronnie. "Get bigger bottles".

Erin C said...

6 months is a LONG time... great job!

Lora said...

That is a lot of milk Christy. Have you done the math assuming he may drink 4-5 bags per day until he's one? And you know he won't. So give yourself break...you've done an outstanding job. Maybe the goal at this point is to wean down, use some of the stock if needed and see how it goes. It's hard for me to relate because nursing and pumping was a little easier...if she was with me, no bag hauling because by this point I wasn't producing enough to store anymore. ahh the joys.