It's Monday. The weekend again went too fast. Connor still thinks sleep is a little overrated. I was up with him from about 1-2am, but other than that, he was ok. Ok = replacing the nuk ever couple of hours.

Little disappointment yesterday in our fantasy football team. Only two of our guys scored in the double digits, and those that did, it was like 11 pts and then our kicker was the next highest scoring guy. Pathetic. Shockingly...we're going into tonight's game with a 5 pt lead. No, that isn't much, but it's our Drew Brees against Killer's Reggie Bush. So...it'll be a hard one to cheer for tonight. I want Brees to do well...but not to dish or throw it to Reggie Bush. Oh the joys of fantasy football. And on top of that, a little bit of me should be cheering for the Vikings.

Poor Killer's bench had 130 points. Poor guy.

Surprised that I'm getting into this? Don't be. It's like a downloadable Yahoo Game (I'll take anyone on in Diner Dash...1, 2 or 3) but more expensive, longer lasting and the ability to take home some money...(as if we will...but the challenge is still exciting)

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