6 months!

I can't believe Connor is six months old today. It has gone by so fast, and I continue to love every stage, every day. He has all kinds of new noises (one being a little high pitched squeal/scream that I tell him is too girly), blowing bubbles, rocking up on all fours (has to be close to crawling, has to be!), graduate to 2nd vegetables and I think we'll finally move onto fruit here soon.

Golden Heart has their 'school pictures' yesterday and it was quite a dilemma in the morning what he was going to wear, and he HATES changing clothes, and we probably had to have like 5 outfit changes before just deciding on the standard polo shirt and jeans. He wasn't too happy with me. But quickly got over it, as he always does.

So, no pictures with this post, but there are some on my camera...but that's out on the stroller. SO you'll have to wait for tonight :)

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Heather Hulke said...

Can't believe we are blogging about our babies being 6 months old already!! WOW....