Girls weekend!!

Some of my best friends from college made the trek down, over and up this weekend to stay. It was SOO great to catch up with them (two I haven't seen since my wedding!)! It was a pretty low key weekend, had a fabulous dinner at Neighbors Friday night, then stayed in and cooked Saturday night. Connor was a trooper all weekend, but definitely ready for his 'man' time today!

We also found and ordered Anne's bridesmaid dresses! They are so adorable and she FINALLY has a color scheme! Ha. Yes. Now she can plan :) (I love you Anne)

Rach cutting the 'weiner' for breakfast.

Anne making the cookie dough. Which, we forgot flour at the store so had to make a second trip, and then after all that work forgot to cover it in the fridge and it got rock hard.

Ernie cutting the onion for the eggs.

Okay, so it started snowing. Our first snow of the season. And I'm not sure why, but the thing to do at the moment seemed to be to try and capture this on camera. Why? Not sure. It was windy and cold. Apparently we needed a reminder that we do still live in Minnesota.

A few more pictures to come. Connor is crawling (well, kind of) and have to go videotape it.

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