girls weekend

Last weekend five of my college girlfriends came down/over for a low key, relaxing get together. We had no serious plans other than to just catch up, laugh, drink a little wine (beer was accepted as well) and we had the babies, so couldn't do anything too crazy anyways :) Always love our time spent together!

just to clarify, his shirt says 'Certified HUNK'...not CHUNK. Ha.

Ashlynn and Erin

Bibs and I

Steph and Rach

taking the plasma car for a spin

which turned into an activity for all to try

Looking forward to our next get together :)


Randi said...

Erin told me about that ride thing. She said it was awesome!

Fun night! love girls nights.

Erin Barrett said...

You don't have to have a child to buy a plasma car, right? ha...ha.ha..(nervous laugh).

Rachel said...

SUCH a great day/night - love the times we get to spend together even if they don't happen enough. And yes E, you can get a car without a child - however Dave kind of would count as one :)