grayson: eight months

Well, to be honest, nothing much new around here in G-man's world. Although he still doesn't 'move', he's getting more 'active' in his exersaucer. Amazing, right? :) For how much crap I give him, it's seriously sooo nice that he's not mobile, ha. I painted my entire room while he sat on the bed (let's just pretend that's not hazardous, I had the windows open at least) and didn't move. If he fell over, no big deal, just babbled away and took in the scenery from his new position. So, we're really not complaining. He is a decent sleeper still, will give us full nights mixed in with up-once-nights. Not complaining there, either. We're probably ready for the 'ol 'cry it out' method, but I don't mind cuddling with him for 10 minutes in the middle of the night. Two teeth. Back to having BM's every 4-6 days which is really frustrating (for all of us) and when it happens...you feel horrible for the little man. So, we continue to pump juices and fruits into him, hoping that will help. I think three days a week his sheet from school says 'he was so content doing [insert baby activity here]'. Loves watching his brother however is figuring out he does NOT like it when Connor steals a toy away from him [insert terribly dramatic, no sound because he's crying so hard, here].  Drinking 4-5 six ounce bottles a day. Milk supply just went under the 400 bag mark. I think he thinks he's ready for steak and potatoes, because he hates eating veggies for me, however he loves his oatmeal, so I just let daycare force down the veggies ;) And I would try giving him table foods, if he didn't choke on puffs. Ha. (I am horrible) No, I'm joking. He loves his puffs. He just needs help getting them into his mouth. No idea how much he weighs, I just know that I'm ready to move him to a regular car seat and ditch the infant carrier.

So, that about sums up our little (big) man! We love him to pieces.

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