home. sick.

Grayson has been up and down with sickness the past week or so. Constant runny nose and congestion, and you can imagine how much he loves the booger sucker thing (I'm sure there is a much better name for that, but why beat around the bush). Last Thursday he got sent home from school for throwing up, I go to pick him up and he's super happy and bubbly, but he still threw up twice within an hour of being home. Thankfully, instantly returned to smiley happy self. He was just fine over the weekend and through yesterday. This morning, he was a little cranky at me, but I was just thinking it was because I added four ounces of water to what was left of his bottle (so like one ounce of milk, ha) and he wasn't really digging that. Connor went up to him and goes "don't worry buddy, your teachers will get you a nice warm bottle of milk with no water in it."

But, it must not have been the watered down milk, as he was sent home a little after 1pm today with a fever of 101.2. He also puked in his car seat as soon as I got him into the house. Lots of naps and snuggle time in store for us tonight, which I'm okay with!

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Anonymous said...

dingsgoing out on a limb here but maybe it's ear infection!?!