Santa 2011

So I really thought this would go better this year. Connor is very into and aware of Santa, although we have those precious moments when he 'hates Santa' or 'doesn't like Santa', those are fun, but overall we've been able to play the card that Santa's watching pretty well. We've talked about sitting on his lap, etc.  Last night Connor was the most well behaved boy I have ever seen, it was so sweet. I would ask him to get Grayson's nuk, 'Sure mom, no problem'. One time he even caught me not saying please and he paused, looked at me and said, 'did you say please?' Love it.

But, as you can see, it didn't go well. Although just with school and class pictures, I think they're more fun when they're not 'perfect'.

 I really thought Grayson would do fine, I forgot to do the whole 'place your child on the lap while still facing you', not sure that would have helped any.
Grayson is wearing the same shirt Connor wore for his first Santa visit. Here's a recap of Connor's first three visits.

a side by side comparison

Connor didn't want to go near Santa with a ten foot pole. He did manage to say what he wanted (a snow plow truck), but he was clinging to me for his life so we're not sure if Santa heard it or not...but I'm sure if Connor behaves the rest of the weekend we'll be sure to give Santa a call. Ha.

On the way to the car (Connor back to his bubbly self), Connor mentioned that he's sure Santa heard what he wanted and that since Grayson cried, Santa is only going to be bringing him a nuk.

I would love to promise this is the last post with Connor wearing this shirt, but I make no guarantees.

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Little For A Little While said...

You dress your kids so cute. I buy that stuff but then tend to put Milo is sweats and comfy stuff. And i'm secretly jealous of those whose children are the same gender and they can wear matching outfits. Perhaps someday. Merry Christmas!