60 something

It was over 60 here today, absolutely gorgeous. I even wore sandals to work. I told Bryan the weather was his birthday present. Nice, right? Speaking of Bryan's birthday, Connor is completely unable to keep a secret. We went to pick out a card yesterday after school, what does he do as soon as he sees Bryan? Dad...we got you a Phineas and Ferb birthday card and reeses peanut butter cups for your birthday. Just a warning to all...don't tell Connor secrets :)

Anyhoo...the kiddos enjoyed the weather today. I know Connor went for a long walk at school in addition to I'm sure plenty of time outside on the climbers and such and then after school Connor gave Grayson his second official spin on the gator. You should see Grayson's reaction when he sees the gator. Adorable. Hopefully by spring he's really able to hold on himself and I don't have to follow closely behind, Connor is pretty good (so far) about keeping it in first gear when Grayson is on.

Funny thing about Grayson's bear suit thing...On the feet and hands it has the roll-over thing so that you can keep hands and feet nicely tucked in, or un-roll it and reveal hands/feet. (hope you're following me). I accidentally unrolled one of his feet today, and the suit popped up to about his knees...ha...guess he's a little too big for it, but hey, should only need it a few more weeks, right?

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