We took Grayson for his first four-wheeler ride yesterday for his birthday and he LOVED it. Well, since apparently my children don't show emotion while doing something they enjoy, one can assume he loved it as anytime you took his hands off the wheel or got out he had a melt down. :)

This weather is beyond amazing right now, it was over 80 today! We are spending every minute after school outside and it is so fun. Connor has started heading over to the neighbor's swing sets so I'm finding myself trying to understand how this whole neighborhood play thing works. Do I have to go stand over by him? I trust him (I think), but I don't want the parents to be wondering where the heck I am or if I'm even paying attention to him, etc. But he just loves it, so we'll figure it out. Just so happy to see my kids enjoy the outdoors!

I am officially addicted to thrift stores after only two visits. In the last week (which is both of my visits), I have spent a total of $75 and in return got a couch and three chairs for what will hopefully make for fun photo shoot props. We will see. I have grand visions of Bryan and Aaron carrying the couch to the bottom of the creek later this spring when it's all nice and green outside. Aaron, sorry if you're reading this and I automatically rope you into things.

Grayson's one year appointment went well...........however....he's in the 8th percentile for height. Ha. I guess I should never get my hopes up for my boys to be tall :) I will say I swear that's hard to measure and the littlest of measurements seem to make them jump 10's of percentages on the charts. Or so I will continue telling myself.

Just realizing I have yet to blog Florida. Coming soon!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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