grayson: ONE!

I am finding it so difficult to look at Grayson and convince myself he's one. One! I know, I know, our babies always grow too fast. I think part of it is that he's not walking, he still seems like my baby and couldn't possibly be one!

Okay, okay, so he's one :) Happy birthday, Grayson! Too bad you're spending it at home and not with your friends since he threw up again yesterday at school. I think he's doing it intentionally or something, because he seems completely fine at home and is LOVING this weather! Bike rides, stroller rides, gator rides, 4-wheeler rides, you name it. He crawls towards the door all the time. We are so blessed to have such a happy little guy in our family and the bond that he has with Connor is growing day by day. Connor I think is much more into him now that Grayson can play back, playing catch, crawling races, etc. So fun to see them together.

Wouldn't be right without the traditional list :)
-FINALLY has a few more teeth, although they're not all the way in, there are about 3 at least that have just popped through and a few more on top appear pretty swollen. Bring on the steak!
-Seems to be bored with any type of food I give him UNLESS it's what we're eating. Stinker.
-Sleeps okay, not complaining. The week is about half through the night and the other half he's up once and will admit just ends up in our bed
-seems to love daycare and his teachers
-I wouldn't call him SUPER speedy in the crawling, but, definitely moving faster and faster
-Will pull himself up onto things but only onto his knees. No interest in getting up on his feet or even having us walk him around. Which, I know that gets exhausting as a parent, ha, so maybe it's ok :)
-Babbles, imitates noises and sounds, but no words
-Will get his stats tomorrow at his checkup
-Still not sure where we are on the BM issues. We've had him on miralax for probably a few months now and goes once a day or so, but if we cut back the dosage or skip a few days, he gets backed up again. Will obviously be discussion this with our nurse practitioner tomorrow.
-ran out of breastmilk earlier this week. Pretty happy to make it without ever having to purchase formula!

Big birthday party is next weekend, joint party with Connor. Super excited about the theme but really need to get working on all the details!

And now for the year in review :)
 2 days
(photo credit m.isebrand photography)

6 days
(photo credit m.isebrand photography)
9 days
(photo credit Daniel Dinsmore)

2 weeks

eight weeks

twelve weeks

4 months + a week or so

5 months

6 months

8 months

9 months

 10 months

11 months

 12 months

We love you so much buddy!

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