vintage Christmas cards

While working on some photo/memory boards for my Grandma's services this week, I came across a few of their Christmas cards from the 1950's. I'm sure it helps that I'm related, and that my mom is in two of them, but there are so many things about these cards that I just love! I will have to learn the story of where they got them, if my Grandpa designed them, etc. since I'm in the business and all. (any of my aunts or uncles reading this and know the answer, comment or email me, I would love to know!)

Obviously this post would be much more relevant in November, but I was too excited to share now. Again, you know me and holiday cards. Love them.



(my mom is the babe in the middle)
I also just love how this looks like some shot I'd set up now that I'm into photography. My Grandpa was hugely into photography as is my aunt Mary (girl on the right), so maybe it's just meant to be :)

This is the last one I found, but aren't they neat? Can you guess which one is my mom?
(and for those of you who know my aunts, this picture includes Mary, Rita, my mom and Nancy, see if you can guess who is who :))

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Anonymous said...

The one on the far right is your mom, Christy-the EYES give her away! Love them-what a treasure!! C