grayson: five months

Grayson is five months old today, still seems like my little baby even though he's huge :) Here's a snippet into his life:

-goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 or so and I typically wake him up around 6. (knock on wood, his sleep schedule has been heavenly lately) I would let him sleep, but I would hate if he would wake up while I'm pumping.
-just started rice cereal about two days ago, I think he'd tell you he's ready for WAY more than that based on how he watches us eat and seems to kick his arms and legs while we're eating, but we'll follow the recommended guidelines for a little bit at least plus he needs to figure out how to eat from a spoon
-goes days and days without pooping. It would seriously be SO nice to have a normal pooper...but, not in the cards for us I guess. One time he went 7 days, where he proceeded to have a massive amount of solid, formed stool (very uncommon for breastmilk fed babies), screamed so bad there was no sound. Nurse practitioner said to not let him go three days and then to give him juice. So he goes three days. All the time. He had another 8 day stint, but had a normal stool at the end of it, thankfully. Not that you all really needed to know this, but just documenting :)
-is all smiles but somewhat difficult to get giggles and chuckles going, I blame this on the fact that he typically always has his hands halfway into his mouth
-loves to listen to Bryan talk
-likes to watch Connor do whatever he's doing
-has days where he drools gallons, and others where he doesn't drool at all
-drinking 4 ounces every 3 hours or so at school, and 5-6 ounces here at home (therefore I assume he'd drink that much at school, but he's not going to float away anytime soon so I think its ok)
-I think I'm at about 450 (466 official count on 8/16) bags of milk (I could get you an official total but I'm too lazy to get up and look at my sheet :)), this is already ahead of where I ended with Connor
-still wearing 6 month clothes but they're getting a little snug (part of this is just me not wanting to let him grow out of them as I love so many of them)
-still incredibly chubby, multiple dimples on elbows, knees, etc.
-still not rolling (cut the guy some slack, he's huge) but he is definitely getting close. He gets about 2/3 of his body over but that's about it. Connor rolled at 4 months and 10 days and was roughly 2 pounds lighter.
-No teeth
-Can hang out about anywhere, which has been awesome.
-likes the nuk but is not addicted to it like Connor was
-can say about 3 or 4 words, ha, kidding, just seeing if you were still paying attention :)

I think that's about it for my super random list.  I am in love with my two boys, can't snuggle them enough! Well, Connor isn't too much into snuggling anymore but he cracks us up. His latest, "oh mom, what are we going to do with you?" Seriously love these two boys!

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Erin Barrett said...

what a doll...I love me a chubby baby!