sports camp

Better known as the Sports Sampler at the Y, Connor has attended this little activity twice now, missing one time for the first night of swimming lessons. Essentially, a bunch of 3-5 year old kids learning one sport a session. The first night was soccer, I think we missed basketball and earlier this week was football. We have floor hockey and baseball left I believe.

One would think Connor would be fine in group settings as he's with a ton of other kids at school AND one of his classmates is in sports camp with him, but nooooo. You'll see that Connor is the only child that needed a parent out with him (second from right).

Working on his soccer skills. Well I don't know what he's pointing at, but otherwise working on skills.

Eventually, he was able to go off on his own. Which was finally cute to watch :)

This past week during football, he was shy for the first 10 minutes or so but then he did great! He was a great listener which at times was actually frustrating because the children that didn't listen, didn't go to the back of the line after their turn, ended up being able to do the activities more than Connor because he was following the rules. Don't worry, I am fully aware Connor could be one of those annoying non-listening children next week, it was just especially annoying as he was finally comfortable to 'break free' from us and then he got the shaft. We will see how next week goes!

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