update on punk number one

Sporting Grandpa Tim's sunglasses. My dad is notorious for buying a new pair of sunglasses at nearly every gas station he stops at (which is a lot). My favorite pair to date had skulls going down the sides (which he clearly had no idea when picking them out).

Excuse the lack of blogging lately, I have no excuse other than the cliche...life is busy. Thought I'd do a little update for son number one. This kid cracks us up, daily. I need to get better at capturing some of this on video for us to look back on. The other morning he was telling me the things he needed to complete his 'work clothes', as I had just purchased him some work boots (this conversation I would kill to have on tape, seriously thought it was the best thing he had ever heard), he had his work jeans on, his work shirt on, then told me I needed to buy him a hard hat and a billfold. Then he'd be set.

He amazes us by how observant he is and how much he can remember (don't worry, I'm very aware this is all probably very normal for his age, we're just enjoying it so much). He could probably tell you right now all of Bryan's active job sites, what pieces of equipment are at each and who runs them. Still very obsessed with this.

Is loving that Grayson is getting a little more active and for the most part, is good with him. This morning he pulled Grayson around on the bed by his legs...Grayson didn't seem to mind so I let it carry on.

Still sleeps in our room (I know, keep shaking your head). HOWEVER, ha, he's on a mattress on the floor next to our bed. This is progress, people.

Now to the poop (what I'm sure you've all been waiting for). We have gone rogue the last month or so and have taken him off of all MiraLax and other laxatives (against doctor's orders), just trying to focus on getting him enough fiber via his diet. Doesn't really make any improvement, but the fact that it didn't make it worse (by taking him off laxatives) made us feel better. Just couldn't understand how a kid is supposed to learn when it's super soft, all the time. So finally last week we brought him back to Children's and had the botox injections again. It would be clear that there was stool that needed to come out, and he would push and push and push, to get no results. So, we thought it couldn't hurt to try relaxing his sphincter. About three days ago we started seeing some improvements, a good, formed stool, once a day. Like I said, we're only on about day three, but already he seems to be exhibiting 'normal' signs of kids going through potty training. Sneaking off into the other room and just standing there, that sort of thing. Fingers crossed that these types of stools continue. This is what happened last time after the botox and for whatever reason, the good stools only lasted about three weeks or so. We always felt had that continued, we were positive he would have 'gotten' it. So, it continues. It get so frustrating at times (well, all the time) and then throw kid number two into the mix that doesn't seem to have normal bowel movements, ugh. But, that's the update on that. Oh, the surgeon also did a rectal biopsy to check and see if there were nerve cells present (which there were not when he was born and why he needed surgery) and there were, so that was good news. No indication of any Hirschprungs still.

And that's probably all you care to know about his poop and more :) Stay tuned to read about our pet frogs.

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