swimming lessons

A few pictures to recap Connor's swimming lessons this summer. He had them Mon-Thurs for two weeks at the outdoor pool in St. Peter. For the most part he likes the water and enjoys it, but just don't try forcing him to do something (like jump off the diving board). If it's not his idea, it's not a good idea. Hard for me, as I used to be a fish in the water and could stay in for hours, but, not Connor's thing maybe and I just need to get over it :) Maybe Grayson will be my swimmer.

Grandpa Tim even came a few times!  

At least he likes jumping off the side, he could do that a thousand times and not be sick of it.

Swimming lessons were at 5:40 so since Bryan wouldn't be home from work in time, Grayson got to come with. Thanks to my mom for coming along to watch him!

No hands! (meaning no hands holding him)

kicking and scooping

clearly, swimming lessons were SO entertaining

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